Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Flight Attendant

I flew from PA to Cali a month ago. On a connecting flight from my home airport to Philly, we flew on a very smell jet. It was a little chilly onboard. I sat way up in the very front row. The flight attendant was an attractive, thin Italian girl who looked about 25 or so. She was wearing dark blue stockings in heels.

She sat down in her seat reserved for the attendant parallel to me but enough in front that i could see her but she had trouble seeing me.

About mid flight she slipped off one of her heels and placed her foot flat on the carpet. I figured sweat wouldnt show up on carpet. right?

well 20 seconds later we hit a patch of turbulence (thank god for that one) and her foot re-positioned leaving a very distinct wet mark behind. Similar to when someone walks barefoot on concrete after exiting a pool.

She proceded to remove the other shoe and as she was doing, another bout of turbulence bounced her shoe off her foot and within 2 feet of me. Since she was already buckled in she didnt give her shoe a second thought. Again i could both her feet were leaving wet marks behind.

Then a miracle happened: the captain must've turned on the air in the cabin but instead of coming from above, it rose from the floor. Immediatly i was emersed in shoe odor. She began to smell the odor eminating off her feet and scrucnhed her toes up to mask it as much as possible. I was sitting there in heaven.

She looked over at me staring at her shoe and she was obviously a little embarassed. I just smiled at her.......

Amazing things can happen everyday. You just gotta get lucky.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why Japanese Girls?

After reviewing the poll i placed on what country's girl's feet interest you the most, overwhelmingly Japan was the answer. In fact twice as much as any other country.

Now granted, caucasion girls are more mut than anything else especially here in America. They could have French, German and italian all wrapped in one. Japanese girls seem more purebred.

So what is it about those little Japanese Girls?
Is it the innocent way they carry themselves?
Is it those thick school girl socks?
Is it the martial arts background?

Why Japan over lets say China or Korea or the South Pacific?
I mean asian is asian.

For me its no doubt the thick socks. I dont know why. I would love to take off a Japanese girl's shoes and bury my nose in her socks.

I have never experienced any thing other than Hispanic and my favorite caucasion. Hispanic girls let me down. I was expecting so much more. Out of 11 only 2 were remotely smelly as opposed to a 75% success rate white white girls.

It is a life goal of mine to smell one smelly pair of Japanese feet. will i ever do it? eventually if i put forth the effort. will it be worth it? i hope.

this is a post i want to hear from you guys on? i'm curious as to why Japan girls are so desired above all others. I prefer white girls but to each his/her own.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Are we at a disadvantage? Part I

I understand that our fetish is very unique but does it put us at a disadvantge? I dont know about the rest of you but i love my girls to have sweaty stinky feet.

I dont like cold feet. I dont like clean feet. I dont like feet that smell like flower lotion.
Society tells girls to be as clean as possible. To be as soft as possible. To be the opposite of what we desire. Any unpleasant odors are just unwelcomed.

Believe it or not I dont really care for breasts or butts. I like my girls thin and whatever else they have physically is just an accessory, like a necklace or eye shadow.

I imagine life as a "breast" man would be a whole lot easier. I mean the girl expects you to like breasts so there's no worrying if she think its weird or not.

And for me the kicker is: Breasts will always be there in their perfect form no matter what the situation.

She could be sweaty at the gym: her breasts are there.
She could have just showered and smell like cherries.: her breasts are still there.
She could be cold and shivering: her breasts remain.
She could be wearing open toed heels and her feet are cold: but again her breasts remain and could care less the situation her feet are in.

Now for me there is only one perfect moment: when feet are hot and sweaty. Thats it!! Just for that first 3 minutes after her shoes come off. Pure heaven. Its like a race against time. A losing battle. To inhale as much odor before the cold reclaims her feet. You long for it all day long and then it finally arrives, you blink and its gone.

Life of a breast man is easy. Life of a smelly foot guy sucks. It takes a special breed to be one of us. Gents, here's to you!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pregnant Foot Wont Find My Nose

Some of you may find this funny, while others may be offended. Haha. I dont care.

The topic is pregant women. Sure they are beautiful. They are carrying a whole nother person with them. We all came from somewhere, right? Of Course.

However, I have this female friend of mine who used to let me smell her feet. She had some of the stinkiest socks I've ever experienced. I used to go out of my way to meet her.

Long story short, about 4 months ago she got knocked up by some dude she met in Houston and has not spoken to since. Haha nice right? She came over to my place last week, probably trying to coerce me into being her baby's daddy or something like that. Women: always plotting against us men!

She used the tactice which got my attention years ago. She tried to get me to smell her feet. I straight up denied her as she laid there uneasy with a gigantic bun in the oven. She looked like an anaconda after finshing off a deer.

I have never denied smelling a girl's foot before but there is something about pregant girls that just turns me way off. Am I alone?

Girl Teasing My Nose

My freshman year I attended a catholic school. I rode on a short bus (no we weren't slow) every day to and from class. This girl named Carly had heard I smelled one of her friends feet and took it upon herself to intiate such an event with her. I was the only guy on the bus and the rest was 4 other Freshman girls and Carly. She was a tall brunette. Out of the blue she takes off her shoes and dangles them in the aisle 2 seats ahead of me. She had been wearing blue knee high stocking-socks and an old pair of black pumps she wore daily. All the girls ahead of me began complaining telling her to put them away. Then all at once it hit me. The smell immediatly summoned an incredible boner. Mind you, we were in a very small bus and even the female bus driver pulled over and got out for some fresh air. I was a little embarrassed becuase I knew exactly why she did this but I didnt think she knew about it.

Sneaking Into Girl's Lockerroom

When I was a sophomore in high school I was a member of the school's football team. After weightlifting one day after school, i was in the school and noticed the girls basketball team had just started their practice. I decided I'd try to sneak into the hopefully vacated lockerroom and see if i could smell some of their foot wear they had worn to school.

I snuck in and of course all the girls shoes (pumps, flats, sneakers) were all over the floor in front of their respective lockers. There were also some socks laying about as well. I nervously knelt down, praying no one would walk in on me and began sampling all the items. Some of the shoes were new and had very little smell. Some of the socks were still very damp and very odorous.

I came up upon one pair of sneakers and took a small sniff. Immediatly I knew this girl didnt wear socks that day. There is a very distinct stench when a girl doesnt wear socks and thats exactly what i was smelling. It was amazing. I quickly snuck out without anyone noticing i had been there. Somedays i wish I was still 16 but some days I'm glad I'm not.

Sock Removal

My 1st topic I'm going to touch on is how girls remove their socks. Me personally, when i watch a video or see it in real life, there is a certain way a sock is removed that tells me immediatly that their feet are sweaty: i call it the "peel-off".

The "peel-off" basically is what it sounds like. The sock is grabbed at the top of the sock, depending on the length of the sock it could be at the ankle or calf. The sock is then peeled off the foot. For me, i know instantly if the sock is sweaty by the way it comes off. If it just falls off of the toe while the grabbed part isnt even past the arch, that is not a sweaty sock. However, if the sock sticks to the foot even after it has been turned around, that is the holy grail of socks.

Opinion voiced: I hate watching videos claiming to be smelly socks and some dude is smelling a girl's feet and the sock comes off the foot looking like they just put them on. Whats the point of such a video. If i'm that guy smelling her foot in the video, the only foot i will allow in my face is a warm, sweaty and stinky foot. I am not into the dreaded eskimo foot. I dont like cold feet as i find nothing attractive about them. I need power!!! I need overwhelming power!!!